Add secondary intranet search locations

Enabling this policy allows you to add intranet search locations in addition to the primary intranet search location defined in the Add Primary Intranet Search Location policy. The value of this text should be:name1url1;name2url2;. . . nameNurlNFor example:MySearchhttp://mysearch. aspx?q=$w;MySearch2http://mysearch2?q=$w. For each search scope provide:1) A name for the scope such as ‘IT Web’. 2) The URL to the search service. Use $w in place of the query term for the search service URL. If your intranet search service is SharePoint Portal Server your query should resemble the following:http://sitename/Search. aspx?k=$wIf your intranet search service is Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) the query should resemble the following where XXXX is the locale ID of your WSS Service. For example the English locale ID is 1033. http://sitename/_layouts/XXXX/searchresults. aspx?SearchString=$wThese additional intranet search locations are added to the All Locations list in the Desktop Search results.

Additional Information

  1. Registry path is:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Policies -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Windows Search # SecondaryIntranetSearchScopeUrl

  2. The Administrative Template path is:

    Windows Components -> Search


* Making mistakes while changing registry values can affect your system adversely. We recommend you to create a System Restore point before making registry manipulation. If you're new to Registry Editor, read this beginner's guide.
** To locate the registry and administrative template path, checkout beginner's guide.
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