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Internet Explorer allows scripts to programmatically open resize and reposition windows of various types. The Window Restrictions security feature restricts popup windows and prohibits scripts from displaying windows in which the title and status bars are not visible to the user or obfuscate other Windows’ title and status bars. This policy setting allows administrators to define applications for which they want this security feature to be prevented or allowed. If you enable this policy setting and enter a Value of 1 such windows may not be opened. If you enter a Value of 0 windows have none of these restrictions. The Value Name is the name of the executable. If a Value Name is empty or the Value is not 0 or 1 the policy setting is ignored. Do not enter the Internet Explorer processes in this list: use the related Internet Explorer Processes policy to enable or disable IE processes. If the All Processes policy setting is enabled the processes configured in this box take precedence over that setting. If you disable or do not configure this policy setting the security feature is allowed.

Additional Information

  1. Registry path is:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Policies -> Microsoft -> Internet Explorer -> Main -> FeatureControl # ListBox_Support_FEATURE_WINDOW_RESTRICTIONS; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Policies -> Microsoft -> Internet Explorer -> Main -> FeatureControl -> FEATURE_WINDOW_RESTRICTIONS

  2. The Administrative Template path is:

    Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Security Features -> Scripted Window Security Restrictions


* Making mistakes while changing registry values can affect your system adversely. We recommend you to create a System Restore point before making registry manipulation. If you're new to Registry Editor, read this beginner's guide.
** To locate the registry and administrative template path, checkout beginner's guide.
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