Force TIFF IFilter to perform OCR for every page in a TIFF document

This Group Policy setting lets users turn off the performance optimization so that the TIFF IFilter will perform OCR for every page in a TIFF document which allows indexing of all recognized text. By default the TIFF IFilter optimizes its performance by skipping OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for document pages that have non-textual content (for example pictures). In some cases pages that contain text can be misclassified as non-text pages. If this is the case the text in these pages will not be indexed. If you enable this setting TIFF IFilter will perform OCR for every page in a TIFF document to index all recognized text. Therefore the OCR process will be slower. This decrease in performance can be significant if there are lots of non-textual pages (pictures) in TIFF documents on the system. If you disable or do not configure this setting TIFF IFilter will optimize its performance by skipping non-textual content during the OCR process.

Additional Information

  1. Registry path is:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Policies -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Windows Search -> OCR # OCREveryPage

  2. The Administrative Template path is:

    String Not Found -> OCR


* Making mistakes while changing registry values can affect your system adversely. We recommend you to create a System Restore point before making registry manipulation. If you're new to Registry Editor, read this beginner's guide.
** To locate the registry and administrative template path, checkout beginner's guide.
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